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Chesterfield 2-seat Sofa
Looking for a sofa with grandiose appearance? When you choose for a Chesterfield 2-seat sofa, you choose for the grandeur of the British style of living and for quality and comfort. At House of Chesterfield you can choose from several sofas, so you will always be able to find a piece of furniture that matches your personal taste or your current interior. When you are looking for a Chesterfield 2-seat sofa, you came to the right place. We both have the Original and Vintage models in our assortment.

The class of Chesterfield
Virtually everyone is familiar with the style of living of Chesterfield. It concerns the classic English leather sofas with its distinctive button pattern. Because of the unique design, you will bring unparalleled style into your home with a Chesterfield 2-seat sofa. Originally, a Chesterfield sofa is provided with two seats. In addition to the characterizing button pattern, also the high arm rests are well-known and loved. Not only does the English sofa look beautiful, it is also very comfortable. The high-quality of the materials used and the handwork makes it a showpiece in every interior.

Original or Vintage?
House of Chesterfield sells Chesterfield sofas in different versions. The brand used is The Chesterfield Brand. All furniture is made in the own factory by hand. An Original Chesterfield 2-seat sofa is made of varnished semi aniline leather and luxury cushions with innerspring. A Vintage Chesterfield 2-seat sofa is made of unvarnished leather, which ensures a retro look. The shabby cushions complete the picture.

Your Chesterfield 2-seat sofa
Due to the choice from different models, you can bring a sofa into your home that perfectly matches your taste and current interior. You also have a wide choice in terms of colour. The Chesterfield Original sofas are available in eight colours; the Vintage models in three colours. Order your favourite Chesterfield 2-seat sofa now at House of Chesterfield!