Chesterfield Original 6-seat Sofa Wash Off Blue


Chesterfield couches distinguish themselves by their high level of quality and long lifespan. This 6-seat couch of The Chesterfield Brand consists of a solid wooden frame with an outside of quality leather. The leather is processed by hand and dyed in an antique blue colour that ensures a classic and elegant appearance. Timeless design in a modern jacket for any interior.Original 6-seat couches have a length of 350 cm and offer space to 6 persons. When you want more seats, you can perfectly combine the model with the many other Chesterfield models and colours from our assortment. The standard 12 years warranty ensures you that you can enjoy your Original couch for many years to come.

Technical specifications

Model:Chesterfield Original
Color:Antique blue
Dimensions:W: 350 cm, H: 79 cm, T: 92 cm, Seat height: 50 cm, Seat depth: 56 cm
Delivery period:7-9 weeks