Chesterfield Armchair Class Cloudy Brown Light


Chesterfield Class Armchair Cloudy Brown Light

Robust and classic that reflects this Chesterfield Class Cloudy Brown Light armchair. The Chesterfield Class armchair is made of 100% cowhide. The leather and wood are made of high quality. That's why you get a 5-year warranty on your purchase from House of Chesterfield on the Chesterfield class armchair.

Chesterfield Class armchair

You can choose from 6 different colors when it comes to the Chesterfield Class armchair. Depending on whether you like classic or modern. The Chesterfield class amrchair is one of the basic models on House of Chesterfield. Good quality of the frame and the leather. The Chesterfield class has no extras, which makes the class model very affordable.

Technical specifications

Model: Chesterfield Class
Warranty: 3 years on the leather, 5 years on the frame
Material: Leather
Color: Brown
Dimensions: W: 110 cm, H: 80 cm, D: 90 cm, Seat depth: 54 cm
Delivery time: 2-4 weeks