The Chesterfield Brand

The Chesterfield Brand

The Chesterfield Brand™ is the leading brand of Chesterfield furniture. House of Chesterfield is the exclusive sales partner for “The Chesterfield Brand™” and delivers the products directly from the manufacturer to the customer. In our own factory and tannery, “The Chesterfield Brand™” furniture displayed on our website is produced in an honest and traditional manner.

A certificate: what is the benefit?

You will receive a certificate of authenticity for every sofa or armchair you buy from House of Chesterfield. This is much more than just a piece of paper. The certificate gives you the guarantee that you have purchased an original Chesterfield from The Chesterfield Brand ™ and that you do not have to deal with a fake brand.

Every provider can print a certificate of course, so what are the advantages of a certificate from the Chesterfield Brand?

The most important feature of this certificate is that it is made up per piece. You receive a standard 12 year warranty on all of our Furniture. Not from our stores but from our factory. The warranty conditions always remain valid for the individual furniture, regardless of the owner.

Do you decide to buy a new Chesterfield after 10 years? In that case you can easily sell your current furniture to a second owner. With the original certificate, he or she is still entitled to the remaining two-year warranty. The  furniture remains more valuable when you can pass on the corresponding certificate.

You can check whether you have received an original certificate via the features below. The production number is always unique. You benefit from a guarantee from the producer and not from an intermediary, which is unique in Europe.

The number 1 for Chesterfield furniture

The Chesterfield Brand™ stands for processing very high quality materials. The Chesterfield BrandTM also stands for employees who strive wholeheartedly to create durable and classic furniture. The Chesterfield Brand™ is a dynamic brand that, in addition to its traditional models, also experiments with its own style. Our store contains a number of models with a more modern style or models produced with a fabric other than leather. At our partner, Chesterfield Showroom, you are able to adjust your Chesterfield furniture to your own desire.

For each piece of furniture from The Chesterfield Brand™ we provide a Certificate of Authenticity. Quality is of major importance to the Chesterfield Showroom. In order to prove this, the certificate is used with the following guarantees:

• The furniture is produced as authentically as possible
• The furniture is from the original Chesterfield Brand
• The furniture is manufactured, packed and delivered with the utmost care.