About us

House of Chesterfield is the Premium web shop for The Chesterfield BrandTM, the producer of the original Chesterfield furniture.
We are the online supplier of the well-known Chesterfield sofas and Chesterfield chairs. You can of course come to us for the chairs and sofas from the Chesterfield Original series. Looking for a sofa or chair with a classic, modern or timeless design? At House of Chesterfield you are at the right address!

Production, sales and delivery managed in-house

We have many years of experience in the production, sales and delivery of several types of Chesterfield furniture. With our own furniture factory and tannery we are able to guarantee the quality and service of the world-famous original Chesterfield brand The Chesterfield BrandTM. As a result, we are also able to respond to the trends and the specific wishes of our customers. It goes without saying that we only use materials of high-quality for the handcrafted production of the Chesterfield furniture, whereby sustainability and authenticity take priority!


Lowest price-guarantee

We deliver The Chesterfield BrandTM directly from our own factory. The delivery of our products is managed in-house. We do not have stores with staff and provide everything by means of online sales, as a result of which we are able to offer a “lowest price-guarantee” and no delivery costs. When purchasing a Chesterfield of the brand The Chesterfield BrandTM, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with the associated warranties.


Twelve years warranty

We give you no less than 12 years warranty when purchasing The Chesterfield BrandTM. Whether you purchase a two-seat sofa or a six-seat sofa, our service and warranty are unrivalled. Only at House of Chesterfield you will get this warranty on a handmade bovine leather Chesterfield product.


The history of Chesterfield

The classic Chesterfield couch dates back to 1770. Since then the appearance of this unique piece of furniture has remained unchanged which means it has kept its charming, typically British, distinctive appearance. The most prominent characteristics of our Chesterfield furniture are the curves of the backrest and armrests, the padded checker pattern and obviously the decorative finish nails.