Chesterfield Original Armchair Yellow


Original furniture of The Chesterfield Brand can often be recognised due to the beautiful, yellow colour of the leather. This Chesterfield Original Armchair immediately catches the eye because of the modern, bright yellow colour. The chair is handmade of 100% bovine leather. The leather is processed with varnish as a result of which it obtains a beautiful shine and is protected against damages.The low frame and the high legs provide the chair with a robust and classic look that, in combination with the wide armrests, ensure a delicious sitting comfort. Furniture of The Chesterfield Brand lasts a lifetime. That is why you receive a standard 12 years warranty on your purchase at House of Chesterfield.


The leather is of the highest quality, feels smooth and also has a long lifespan. As a result, you are able to enjoy Chesterfield furniture longer than other furniture. When you properly maintain your Chesterfield furniture you will be able to benefit from it for years to come.


You can choose from 12 different colours depending whether you like classic or modern. The antique chair in the colour brown looks quite simple, but it is a true eye-catcher in the colour green or red. The same applies to the 2- and 3-seat couches.

Technical specifications

Model:Chesterfield Original
Dimensions:W: 100 cm, H: 79 cm, D: 92 cm, Seat height: 50 cm, Seat depth: 56 cm
Delivery period:2-4 weeks